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Organic Hair Solution, LLC

ASOSI OR BITTER MELON OR CARASEE SOAP with Rice-Oatmeal -Neem- Ginger & Parsley

ASOSI OR BITTER MELON OR CARASEE SOAP with Rice-Oatmeal -Neem- Ginger & Parsley

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What it is: Our "Asosi or Bitter melon Or Cerasee Soap Bar" is handcrafted with love and loaded with aloe vera and oils which have been shown to help with nourishing skin.

What it does: This soap bar may help to nourish your skin while cleaning it.

Recommended for: Our Asosi Soap is suitable for all skin. Especially beneficial for oily skin. Can also be used as a body bar.

Target concerns:

  • Acne
  • Blackheads
  • Skin Fungus
  • Anti-aging
  • And many other health complications
  • How to use: Lather between your hands with water. Apply generously to the face and body. Thoroughly rinse with water. It's gentle enough for daily use.

Additional info: Parabens-free, sulfate-free & cruelty-free.

Key Ingredients: Cerasee (asosi): Containing nutrients like iron, vitamins A and C, phosphorus, and alkaloids, cerasee/bitter melon (asosi) effectively treat several ailments. As a skin cleanser, cerasee can be used for rashes, acne, eczema, skin ulcers, and sores

Green tea essential oil is an anti-free radical, an antioxidant, and a skin regenerating (anti-wrinkles, anti-aging). This essential oil is very well-used in lymphatic drainage massages.

Aloe Vera is one of the oldest medicinal plants in history. According to Hindu legend, it came from the Garden of Paradise. For centuries it has amazed people with its wide range of healing powers and is known as the ‘holy herb’. Alexander the Great, upon the advice of Aristotle, conquered the island of Socotra, off the coast of Africa, just to secure supplies of Aloe Vera.

Tea Tree Native to Australia, the Tea Tree has been used in traditional Aboriginal medicine for centuries. More recently, during WWII, Australian soldiers would carry tea tree oil in their first aid kits to treat their wounds. It was so popular during that time that anyone who was in the business of producing Tea Tree oil was exempt from the drafts so they were free to keep producing Tea Trees.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made with natural ingredients including olive oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, Rice, Oatmeal, Neem, Ginger, Turmeric, Parsley Vitamin E, shea butter, Tea Tree, Green Tea, natural fragrance

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